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Result of Examinations Mar-Apr-May 2016
1. B.A.B.ED. (Integrated)
2. Bachelor of Education (New)
3. Bachelor of Education (Old)
4. Bachelor of Physiotherapy
5. Diploma in Jewellery Design
6. P.G. Diploma in Pre-School Teacher Education
7. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
8. Master of Management Studies (M.M.S.)
9. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
10. P.G. Diploma in Fashion Design
11. Diploma in Electronics
12. Diploma in Food Technology
13. Diploma in Pharmacy
14. Third Year Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) - Semester VI
15. Master of Education - Semester I and II (New)
16. Master of Education - Semester I and II (Old)
17. Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A.)
18. B.SC. Fashion Design
19. Bachelor of Design
20. Bachelor of Law (LL.B.)
21. Bachelor of Business Administration & Law (B.B.A.LL.B.)
22. B.com Semester VI
23. Bachelor of Pharmacy Semester VIII
24. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology Sem-V
25. Bachelor of Technology
26. M.SC. in Microbiology
27. M.A Sanskrit
28. M.A English
29. M.A Women's Studies
30. M.A Geography
31. Bachelor of Arts Semester VI
32. B.Com II (Distance Education)
33. B.Com III (Distance Education)
34. P.G. Diploma in Education Management
35. Masters in Education Management
36. Diploma in Apparel Manufacture and Design
37. M.A. Music
38. B.A. Part III (Distance Education)
39. Bachelor of Science (Home Sciene) - Fresh Students
40. M.A. Psychology
41. M.A. History
42. M.A. Gujarati
43. M.A Hindi
44. B.SC. Semester V & VI
45. M.Com
46. M.A. Political Science
47. B.A. Part II (Distance Education)
48. M.A. Marathi
49. Master of Visual Arts (Painting) 
50. M.A. Economics
51. Fourth Year B.Sc. Nursing
52. M.Sc. Nursing
53. M.Com (Distance Education)
54. M.A. Music - Part II (Distance Education)
55. Master of Technology
56. M.Sc. (H.Sc.) Extension Education
57. M.Sc. (H.Sc.) Human Development
58. M.Sc. (H.Sc.) Early Childhood Education
59. M.Sc. (H.Sc.) Communication Media for Children
60. M.Sc. (H.Sc.) Food Science and Nutrition
61. M.Sc. (H.Sc.) Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
62. M.Sc. (H.Sc.) Nutrition and Food Processing
63. M.Sc. (H.Sc.) Resource Management & Interior Design
64. M.A. Economics (Distance Education)
65. M.A. Gujrathi (Distance Education)
66. M.A. Hindi (Distance Education)
67. M.A. History (Distance Education)
68. M.A. Political Science (Distance Education)
69. M.A. Sociology (Distance Education)