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Centre for Holistic Education, Training and Novel Advancements (CHETNA)

Inauguration of CHETNA

A quality education should prepare an individual to face the challenges of the world. Learning is no longer just about the acquisition of facts and knowledge; it needs to be applied to real-world situations with an understanding of consequences outside the learning environment. An education system that encompasses a well-rounded, balanced education is one that produces active and productive global citizens who are globally-aware and engaged 21st century citizens. For this to occur, students need opportunities to develop not just the knowledge, but the skills, mindset, and moral standards required for a successful professional and personal life. This mission calls for the provision of a holistic education; one concerned with the growth of a student’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials, and which is in tune with each child’s unique needs and expertise. It actively engages students in the teaching and learning process, encouraging personal growth and collective responsibility. 

Providing a secure environment in which students can explore their intrinsic potential is essential in the delivery of holistic education. By providing this we can enlighten the students to innate skills, letting them dedicate time to areas in which they are truly passionate. The advantages of this can be felt throughout the person’s life as they gain a self-actualisation that instils confidence and self-worth.

Education doesn’t have to be boring, it can be a rich, experiential journey of discovery and expression, where all students and teachers grow together. It should be an inquiry-driven, interdisciplinary and integrated experience that takes into consideration all aspects of child development. In holistic education, there are no deficits in learners, only differences. The NEP 2020 describes the aim of holistic and multidisciplinary education as ‘development of all capacities of human beings -intellectual, aesthetic, social, physical, emotional, and moral in an integrated manner’.