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Dr. Geeta Santosh Yadav

Dr. Geeta Santosh Yadav

Working as the Assistant Professor in Gokhale Education’s Society SMRK BK.AK. Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nasik, Maharashtra, since June, 2010.

Awards and Acheivements:

  • Presented India Asian Powerlifting competition at Uzbekistan Zarafashan, Russia and bagged 4 Silver Medals for Country in 2004.

  • 4 times Strong Women of Maharashtra.

  • Strong Women Award of Mumbai University.

  • 4 times Gold Medal in All India Inter-University Competition.

  • Given first Gold medal to SNDT Women’s University in All India Inter-University Competition Power Lifting.

  • NCC senior under officer.

  • ‘C’ Certificate passed.

  • Total 11 camps attended in NCC.

  • Participated in THAL SENA CAMP 2004.

  • Best turn out award.

  • Best Alumni Award of SNDT Women’s University on the occasion of pre-cemetery year celebration.

Department Name
Department of Hindi, Churchgate