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About AWA

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About AWA

To create an archive on women that will enable the reconstruction of women’s history resonating in multiple voices towards the realization of gender equality and justice. ​​​​​​

To retrieve, create, preserve, transmit and make accessible, knowledge of women’s lives both historical and contemporary for scholars, students, activists and others, with a view to integrate their hitherto silenced voices in the evening of history, in the teaching and research of various discipline, in social action, policy making, public discourse and popular culture.

To undertake all such activities that will create an inclusive historical paradigm and recognize the achievements, courage and struggles of woman in various walks of life and from different strata of society.

  • To preserve and conserve in original/digital form, as may be appropriate, through the use of relevant technology

  • To contextualize and organize (through cataloguing, classification and other devices) the above, in order to facilitate research on and documentation of women’s lives.

  • To create appropriate infrastructure to enable access and reference to primary historical documents/papers for teaching and research by the user community.

  • To retrieve information on women from published and unpublished documents and other source materials.

  • To create new resources by recording narratives and other archival materials in audio, visual and written formats.

  • To accept on request, the responsibility of archiving other collections if appropriate to the mandate of AWA and if supported by appropriate grants.

  • To network with other organizations with similar goals so as to optimize resources and their use.