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  Perspective Plan 2017-2022
  Citizen's Charter

For University Faculty
1. Download SNDT Women's University Logo
2. Download National Anthem of India
3. Best Teacher Award Informatin & Application Form 2017
4.  Application for Selection of Best College
5.  G.R. regarding Confidential Report (Government of Maharashtra)
6.  SNDT API Proforma for Teachers
7.  API Proforma for Librarians
8.  Form For Recognition of Teachers For Post Graduate Teaching
9. Form For Form for M.Phil/Ph.D. Referees
10.  Form For Recognition of Teachers as Ph. D. Guides
11.  Application for Provisional Eligibility Certificate Form
12.  Procedure of Ext. in age of Superannuation of Teachers
13. Maharashtra University Act 1994
14.  For Publication Grant
15.  Best Teacher Award State Government Circular
16.  Ugc Regulations
17.  Circular for Online Lecture Sessions
18. Ethical Standards of Research in SNDTWU
19. Grievances Committee Circular
20. Grievances Committee Procedure & Fess